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Historical Background

Europe:  Since the beginning of mankind, man has engaged in one form or another of hand to hand combat.  A popular event at the time of the first Olympic Games in Europe, 776 B. C, was Pankration, a form of all-in unarmed combat.  The techniques used in Pankration included punching, kicking, throwing and holding.

By the time Greece was overrun by the Romans, it had developed into the two modern sports of boxing and wrestling.

Interestingly enough, in 1980, archaeologists in Greece discovered small statues depicting men in fighting stances – the same stances as those still used in modern-day karate.

N.Z. Chidokan Grading System


NZ Chidokan has a grading system, in which anyone who conscientiously practices, can advance.

However, the grade system does not exist for itself alone, it is intended to stimulate the desire to progress further and to build up self confidence.

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