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Welcome to Chidokan Karate New Zealand.

Chidokan Karate – there is a difference.




A New Zealand organization dedicated to the old values of traditional Japanese karatedo training.

Chidokan, meaning “life force way” was originally created in Japan by the founder Tekeshi Sasaki

in 1954.  After training as a full time student at the Chidokan honbu dojo (Japan headquarters)

Jack Sims returned to New Zealand in 1967 and established the first Chidokan dojo to exist

outside of Japan.

For the past 46 years many thousands of New Zealanders of all ages, male and female have

studied the Chidokan style of karatedo – the teaching staff at Chidokan NZ are all fully qualified

and highly motivated senior dan grade exponents.

The Chidokan system is designed to;


  -         Develop strong, fit and flexible bodies.

   -        Build self confidence and awareness.

   -        Teach effective, proven methods of self defence.

   -        Strengthen and develop true character.

   -        Increase powers of concentration and thought.


Students are taught to work hard on their bodies in the  knowledge that the mind will

reap the benefits later on. Even the unfit person can safely begin training and will soon

enjoy the benefits through our specially designed programs.


Special training programs have been developed for children aged between 6 to 15 years

of age.  They learn authentic karate, but no techniques which could prove dangerous to

the young and inexperienced.  Belt promotions and sport karate activities are part of

the junior syllabus.




Please contact us via this website, or our Facebook page (Chidokan Karate NZ) if you would like to be remembered, comment or contribute to a calling dear to all of our hearts.

Have you ever considered learning

traditional karate-do ?


Young people (6-15 years of age) learn self confidence, develop character and a feeling for fair play and results earned by effort.  Bullying is a real problem, not only at school but also on the streets these days - karate-do training helps our young people deal with such situations.

For adults 16 - 90 it’s never too late.  The desire to learn karate-do, or return after an absence can be realized.   Karate-do training is geared to your level of fitness, knowledge and ability.  A typical class includes young and old, male and female - although given every encouragement, you train at your own pace.

Contact me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will send you full enrollment details for one of our Auckland dojo’s (clubs).

Jack Sims (Kancho Chidokan NZ)





Chidokan New Zealand

Kancho Sensei Jack Sims
Kudan - 9th Dan
Parker Shihan Neil Parker
Hachidan - 8th Dan
Chidokan Shihan


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